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Bound (Movie,1996)

Director(s): Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski

Stars: Gina Gershon (Corky), Jennifer Tilly (Violet), Joe Pantoliano (Ceasar)

Corky is a lesbian Ex convict who is working in a building as a plumber. Until she meets Violet, the sexy mistress of mafia gangster Caesar who both live next door. Both Corky and Violet have a love affair and Violet encourages Corky to help her steal 2 million dollars from Ceasar who is holding the money is custody, and torturing and killing a man who stole the money from Ceasar’s employer Mob boss Gino who will pick up the money himself, and set up Ceasar to take the fall. Setting their plan in motion, the two lesbian lovers find their plan is about to go wrong, when Gino unexpectedly goes missing and Mickey, one of the gangsters is assigned to find him.

My Review:

A great edge-of-your seat thriller movie that will keep your adrenaline up and flowing. The story involves some very compelling characters, especially Ceasar (the dimwitted Mafia bad guy), and Violet (the stereotypical bimbo). They are both well-played by Pantoliano and Tilly. The acting in the film was GREAT. A must see in my opinion. One of the best (lesbian) films of 1996.

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Fingersmith (TV Series, 2005)

Director: Aisling Walsh

Stars: Elaine Cassidy (Maud Lilly), Sally Hawkins (Sue Trinder), Rupert Evans (Mr. Rivers)

Susan “Sue” Trinder is a fingersmith (British slang for thief) who lives in the slums of London with a baby farmer (person who looks after unwanted babies) Mrs.Sucksby. When a once rich man, who gambled all his money away, presents them with a scam that has a payout of 40,000 pounds, Sue signs on to swindle rich Maud Lilly. Maud is an orphan who lives with her uncle, but what exactly is going on in the Lilly house? Sue will pose as Maud’s maid so that Mr.Rivers (the gentleman) can get close to and eventually marry her. Their plan is to put Maud in the madhouse and take the money for themselves. All goes astray though when Sue falls in love with Maud. And the question is: Who can you trust?

My Review:

Fingersmith is a riveting three-part tale of illicit passion and betrayal. Actress Sally Hawkins brings a subtle comedy throughout the dramatic series that displays her acting skills. Fingersmith is filled with twists and turns that you will never see coming.

Here is the Trailer: